Spiral Hemp Macrame Gemstone Bead Necklace

Spiral Hemp Macrame Gemstone Bead Necklace

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Spiral Hemp Macramé Gemstone Necklace

One of a kind necklace, handmade using macramé, hand selected masterpieces for men and women. These necklaces are made of real gemstone beads in order to promote healing, well-being, euphoria, increase spiritual energy, help repair DNA, sleep better, live longer, and help in awakening the mind. In the pictures are various gemstone beads that you can pick from, and a picture of the various string that can be used. This necklace contains a strong beading wire core and a spiraling core design. See pictures for possibilities of what can be created. When ordering there are options of: necklace length, color of hemp cord, bead type (8mm real crystal gemstone beads). If another variation not listed is preferred please contact to see if this is possible. Pictures show example of a 23” light blue necklace with angelite beads.

Necklace length (inches): 14-24

Necklace color: black, blue, light blue, navy blue, brown, light brown, green, light green, grey, magenta, light pink, dark pink, dark purple, turquoise, white

Bead type (8mm): amazonite (aquamarine color), amethyst (purple), angelite (light blue), bian stone (black), black onyx (black), hematite (silver color), howlite (white with grey lines), lapis (blue), quartz (clear), red tiger’s eye (redish black), rose quartz (pink), tiger’s eye (orange-black), turquoise (green-blue)

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